Goose bumps – 10.18.06


goose bumps: [‘güs-“b&mps]; noun plural

a roughness of the skin produced by erection of its papillae especially from cold, fear, or a sudden feeling of excitement

everytime i think of the phrase “every knee will bow” i get goose bumps. i get a sudden feeling of excitement knowing that one day everyone will bow in reverence before God, worshipping Him and praising Him with adoration. people like maralyn mason and michael jackson. people like snoop dogg and jay-z. people like the pimps and prostitutes on leopard street. the guys that sit behind me in math class who make fun of God. all of the people that curse God now, all of the people that do not believe. all of the tribes who worship creation instead of the Creator. all of these people will one day look at the face of God Himself and be so in awe they will fall to their knees, filled with veneration for the God that they for so long abstained from.

i have a vision in my head of what that will look like.
a crowd of millions, billions, trillions of people humbling themselves before God, singing praises to Him with all of their heart. shouting to God asking for forgiveness for their life on earth that was full of hatred for God. I see people just being still, trying to grasp all of who He is. I see people dancing before God, not for attention or because they cant sit still. but because God deserves their everything. I see people who are so truely taken by God that everything has faded away around them, so much that they can only see God Himself.

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