Strawberry and Banana “Cereal”

Yields: 1 serving

I say “cereal” with quotations because technically it isn’t actually cereal. Cereal refers to grain – or a plant that produces grain – such as oats, bran, wheat, rye, or different types of granola. This strawberry banana “cereal” is just that – strawberries and bananas in milk!

Strawberry and Banana "Cereal"

1 banana
2-3 strawberries



1) Slice the banana all the way down, letting the pieces fall into the bowl (I like to cut my banana in half long ways first to make smaller slices). Then do the same with the strawberries.

Strawberry and Banana "Cereal"

2) Add milk to your liking. With a spoon, stir the bananas and strawberries in the bowl.

Strawberry and Banana "Cereal" text


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