Throwback Thursday #4


I wrote this post on Tumblr a little bit less than three years ago, on April 27, 2011. I am so thankful for the love of God and its eternity – even when I am not so loveable (which is pretty much always). Thank You, Jesus for your love that abounds. Thank you that it covers all my sin.

God’s love.

It’s really awesome how much God’s love can do in my life. So often it humbles me, yet so often it builds me up as well. I’m humbled by the greatness of it. I know I don’t deserve it and I feel so small compared to His greatness, and therefore I feel so small by the greatness of His love. I’m humbled by the love He has for the world; the world full of hate, malice, slander. A world that has forgotten it’s Creator, I’m humbled by His love for this world. Yet, His love builds me. When I’m feeling so low, like I’m nothing His love shows me that I am something. When I feel worthless, His love reminds me that God the Creator of the universe sent His son to DIE for me. He loves me that much! My head can’t wrap around that.

Just wanted to share my thoughts lately, and to get y’all thinking about His love:)

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