Photo Challenge – Day 4: What’s in My Bag?

Whats In My Bag

While taking these pictures, I realized that I keep entirely too many things in my bag. Tissues, plastic container to hold things like q-tips (or cotton tips as they’re called in Finland), Orajel (I get canker sores a lot), hair ties, bobby pins, and fingernail clippers. Cloth to clean my glasses, powder mirror, Finnish cell phone, iPhone, headphones, Burt’s Bees chap stick (only the best kind), gum (which I don’t normally have, but I did today), pens, pencil & eraser, wallet, coin bag, Bible, sketchbook, flyers for our Easter service, and a grocery bag (because you have to pay for them here in Finland, so we reuse them and sometimes I randomly remember things I need to buy while I’m out). Needless to say I like big bags, especially ones with pockets!

5 Day Photo Challenge

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Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: A Good Habit
Day 3: Strangers
Day 5: Someone I Love


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