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Illustrator doodle for the week!


Fonts: Always Here, Stinkerpotomus, Janda Elegant Handwriting, UglyQua, Dawning of a New Day.
Here is where I got my inspiration.

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We are back in Texas!

Home Sweet HomeFonts: Simon Script and Janda Stylish Script.

We are home! In many ways it was just as I expected: hot weather, some progress on construction, seeing friends and family, and going out to eat at our favorite places we missed while we were gone. But in other ways it is very different; just as we talked about at debrief. It’s funny how the people you least expect to ask the questions you want everyone to ask, are the ones who actually ask them. Things like, “How is God moving in Helsinki?” or “How does the culture in Finland respond to the Gospel?” or even “How were you stretched and molded by God?” The question “So how was your trip?” has me wonder how much does this person really want to know? It is sort of a “Hey how are you” without actually really wanting to know the details – type of question. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but my guess is that it is for many.

So, for those of you who want to know the details, “How was your trip?”

Lonely and convicting.

It was very lonely in the beginning and even at times near the end, but God used those times of loneliness (and even when I wasn’t lonely) to convict me of sin, and to show me how to engage lost people while just living a normal life.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

-Matthew 5:3-5

When I was at my loneliest times, God showed me that even when I wasn’t busy I still wasn’t engaging the lost. It was never my busyness that kept me from building relationships and sharing the Gospel. He convicted me of that sin. But through that, He showed me HOW to build relationships and share the Gospel using normal, everyday life.

I know I would never have been able to see my sin and see how to live a normal life, doing normal things like going to the grocery store or getting a haircut and at the same time engaging lost people. And it wasn’t doing things like sharing the Gospel to the cashier or to every person I see on the street, but I learned to see connections I have with people and use those things to – hopefully- begin a friendship.

I would really encourage you to look into and pray about the possibility of God calling you to live somewhere else and just live life in another culture while engaging the lost.

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Tiekstra & Lawrence Album Art


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Note to Self: Relax

Relaxing – something I’m not very good at. I’m a busybody, I worry, I think too much, and I fidget (which I think are all indicators of being a girl, too, lol). I saw this post on Pinterest and was inspired to make something similar myself!


What do you think?

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My Illustrator doodle for the week!


I got the circle graphic here, and the fonts I used are Brannboll Smal and AlwaysHere.
Here is where I got my inspiration.

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