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Top 5 Worst Nutrition Advice in History

This is a great article by eatlocalgrown.com. It is great especially for people who think eggs are unhealthy, or that you need to be on a low-fat diet, use canola oil, vegetable oil, and margarine instead of real oils, fats, and butter, or if you think that the quality of food (unprocessed, organic, fresh, and REAL) is unimportant.

Top 5 Worst Nutrition Advice in History:

  1. Throw away egg yolks, the most nutritious part of the egg
  2. Everyone should be on a low-fat, high-carb diet, even diabetics
  3. A calorie is a calorie, food quality is less important
  4. Use polyunsaturated vegetable oils for cooking
  5. Replace butter with processed, trans fat laden margarine

Read the whole article from eatlocalgrown.com here.

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